Bring Your Identification card (IC)

The polling clerk at your local polling station will request your IC in order to determine that your identity matches the photo on your IC and that you are on the electoral roll.

Check Your Voting Status, Designated Polling Station, And Voting Channel

Checking your voting status on MySPR Semak will show you which polling station you will have to go to in order to cast your vote on polling day as well as your voting channel and even your voting number! Your MySPR Semak page will also show you the time that the Election Commission recommends for you to go to the polling station in order to reduce crowding at polling stations. Take note of these details in order to make sure you go to the correct polling station on polling day.

Conduct Research On The Candidates And Parties Contesting In Your Constituency Prior To Election Day

It’s a good idea to know which candidates are contesting in your constituency. You should also do some research on each candidate’s background, history and track record, as well as the issues that they have spoken about in the past. This is so that you can make an informed decision and vote for the candidate that speaks for you and the issues which you consider important.

Make Sure You Have Unmarked Hands!

Your hands should be clean and free from any marks whatsoever. This includes nail polish too! The polling station clerk will apply indelible ink onto your left index finger before handing you your ballot and any marks on your hands may make it difficult to apply indelible ink.


Wear Any Clothes Bearing The Mark Of A Political Party To The Polling Station

Election regulations stipulate that election campaigning must cease at 12 am on polling day. Wearing any clothes bearing the mark of a political party to the polling station may be deemed to be campaigning outside of the campaigning period and therefore a legal offense. If found guilty, you may be punished with a 1 year jail sentence, a fine of RM5,000, or both.

Use Your Phone In The Polling Station

Take care not to use a telecommunication device (such as a mobile phone) in and around the polling station - your vote is a secret! You also shouldn’t take pictures or videos of your marked ballot. Your vote is yours alone!

Take A Ballot Out Of The Polling Station

Your ballot should go into the ballot box and nowhere else! Carrying a ballot out of the polling station is considered an election offense and you may face 2 years jail time, a fine of RM5,000 or both. If you find a loose ballot somewhere, notify a polling officer and DO NOT take it home with you as a souvenir.