Create An Account On myspr.spr.gov.my

MySPR Semak is your friend! Remember to check and confirm your polling station, channel and voting number a day or two before polling day. Take note of those details so you can get off to the right start on the big day!


Log Into Your Account And Click “Permohonan”

Key in your IC number, password, and the CAPTCHA code on the MySPR website. The “Permohonan” button should be located under “UndiPos” within the webpage’s menu.


Fill Out Your Details Properly

Remember to select the proper category for your postal voting application as any errors may lead to your application being rejected by the Election Commission.


Send Off Your Application

You will be asked to enter a TAC code sent to your registered email address and phone number, so make sure the details associated with your MySPR account are all correct before submitting your application.


Sit Back And Wait!

Your application will take a few days to be checked and processed by Election Commission officials. You can follow the status of your application via the “Transaksi Undi Pos” menu.