What Is The Source?

Know where the news comes from. Do not share if you cannot locate or verify the original source.

Can I Trust This Source?

Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Look for official primary sources of information like reputable media or government websites and that the article backs up its claims with links to sources, photos and videos.

Who Is The So-called

Separate the experts from the emotional opinions. Check that the claims are being made by someone who is a recognized authority on the subject. Keep in mind the perspective they bring and what other points of view are available.

Is It Telling Me To Do Something (Like, Share, Subscribe, Buy)?

Dramatic “unreported” stories are often a play for social media engagement valuable to someone with a monetized account.

Is The Claim Shocking, Or Trying To Drum Up Fear Or Hate?

Sadly, there are people who spread potentially harmful and wrong information to cause hurt or mischief. Think before you share.