What Is A PACA?

The word PACA is actually an acronym which stands for polling agent/counting agent. These two roles are similar in that they are usually representatives of election candidates who work in polling stations on polling day in order to ensure that elections are conducted smoothly.

A polling agent refers to the representative of a candidate who monitors the election process from the polling station on election day. This means making sure election officials are doing their work properly, checking voters, and ensuring no fraud or irregularities are taking place at the polling station.

A counting agent, on the other hand, refers to the representative of a candidate who monitors the vote counting at the end of election day. A counting agent will be responsible for monitoring the counting of all ballots at a certain polling station, making sure all valid votes are counted and invalid votes discarded, and finally signing off on the total vote count at a certain polling station before the ballot box and form are sent to the constituency’s counting centre.

Both these duties are integral in ensuring the smooth and proper running of elections and to ensure no fraud takes place during polling day!

You’re eligible to be a PACA if you are:

  1. A Malaysian citizen
  2. 18 years old or above
  3. Not declared a bankrupt
  4. Not been convicted of an offense in the last 5 years

Register to Become A PACA!

If you think that PACA work is for you, why not sign up to become a volunteer? The work of a PACA is crucial and you’d be helping to ensure that our elections are as fair as they can be!

Candidates or political parties contesting in your constituency usually post about PACA opportunities on their social media pages so be on the look out! Alternatively, you can always contact them yourselves and they will usually be grateful and point you in the right direction.